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We have provided teacher professional development since 2011 in the state of Florida.  Currently our focus is in the world of gifted education.  Over 1700 teachers in Florida have taken courses through our program and achieved the endorsement addition to their teaching certificate.  Our program began under the name 7th Level Learning and then evolved to a larger program called Suncoast Education Center.  As we move beyond providing only gifted endorsement and branch out to other states, we have now become DEMERITTE SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL LEARNING.  Besides the five required gifted endorsement courses that we offer, we now provide a 20-hour Exceptional Student Education continuing professional development course that satisfies the Florida ESE recertification requirement and focuses on gifted multi-exceptionalities; it is open to all teachers, not just teachers of the gifted.

     Our hopes and dreams are to add additional professional development for teachers in the areas of English for Speakers of other Languages, Reading Endorsement, Common Core mathematics skill-building, Science, writing and more for all grades K-12.  If you have a specific need, please let us know, since we are in the process of adding programs.  Come and grow with us!

     For more information on our gifted endorsement program, please peruse this page and then find the registration form below to enroll in our courses! Thanks for visiting Demeritte School of Professional Learning on the web!


DEMERITTE SCHOOL'S TEACHER EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is a low-cost program that offers teachers and schools/school districts access to high quality, rigorous, relevant and scholarship-oriented gifted education professional development.

      Vision:  Our goal is to help gifted programs throughout the state of Florida to renew and transform by offering teachers of the gifted the latest scholarly gifted theoretical models, effective gifted education strategies, state-approved syllabi, and real-life classroom case studies.  

Demeritte School is directed by Bryan Demeritte, our founder and facilitator who, himself a gifted student in years gone by, has a passion for not only gifted students in general, but also for under-represented and multi-exceptional students specifically.  Bryan has served as classroom teacher for 22 years, as a district coordinator for gifted program and current works with gifted children in a non-profit program in lower income areas of Miami-Dade County.  Bryan is completing his Ph.D. currently at St. Thomas University and is also an ordained minister, working in the same communities with faith-based initiatives, furthering his studies on existential and spiritual giftedness.  


      First and foremost, in order to be awarded professional development points through our program, your school district or program must participate in the gifted add-on endorsement initiative through the State of Florida.  Please double-check with your district or institution to insure that they will award points through participation in our program before enrolling.

      Florida requires teachers of the gifted to complete five (5) gifted endorsement courses in either a professional development program that uses state-approved syllabi or a college/university system that uses the same syllabi.  

​The five courses you must complete are 

(titles may vary a bit, depending on institution):

Nature and Needs of Gifted Learners

Curriculum and Instructional Strategies for Gifted Students

Theory, Development and Nurture of Creativity for the Gifted

Guidance and Counseling for Gifted Learners

Special Populations of Gifted Learners

​ Our program teaches every course EVERY TERM to a statewide cohort, and we also contract with entire districts to provide district-level professional development depending on need.  Many people take 2 courses at a time so that they may finish in a more timely manner, while others complete the program one course at a time.  OTHERS TAKE THEM ALL AT ONCE - WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU. There is no risk in trying any method, because you can always roll over your registration to subsequent terms.

​VERY IMPORTANT: There is NO STATE CERTIFICATION EXAM for Gifted Education.  Once you complete the program and your district has awarded you points, please seek your district's process in order to "add on" your endorsement to your existing certificate.  YOU MUST HAVE AN EXISTING FLORIDA TEACHER'S CERTIFICATE IN ORDER TO ADD THE GIFTED ENDORSEMENT.  Even though the endorsement itself can be valid from K through 12, it is only valid for the grades and subject areas in which one is already certified.  For example, if your certification is Elementary K-6, and you add the gifted endorsement - your gifted endorsement is only valid for K-6.  Another example is that if you are certified 6-12 in language arts, then you may only teach gifted to middle or high school students in the content area of language arts.

Please contact us if you have more questions or concerns.  We look forward to working with you!


Bryan Demeritte

Executive Director and Facilitator,

Demeritte School of Professional Learning

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